The Giving Tree- Shel Silverstein

The Giving tree is quite an interesting name for a book. The ambiguity and curiosity it arouses are outstanding. You just want to know why there is a tree and what it is giving out but most importantly, are these … Read the rest

The Great Gatsby Fiction Summary

This Fiction novel was written in 1925 by Scott Fitsgerald. It has characters living in a fictional town known as east egg and west egg which are on an Island and its summer of 1922 during. It is a story … Read the rest

Fiction Nineteen Eighty-Four Summary

This is one of the great fiction Novels written in 1984 by Novelist writer George Orwell. The story describes events at Barnhill which is on the island of Jura. This time the writer is suffering from tuberculosis. The book focuses … Read the rest

James Allen As A Man Thinketh

 As A Man Thinketh is not an outdated book. James Allan did this work in 1903 but it has remained to be one of the greatest books. Every motivational speaker quotes it. He has tried to put the book simple … Read the rest

Sapiens: Humankind History

Humanity is one of the mysteries in the universe which no one has a conclusion. The sapiens book explains the major human revolutions which are the current scientific revolution which started about 500 years ago, The agriculture revolution which dates … Read the rest