Fiction Nineteen Eighty-Four Summary

This is one of the great fiction Novels written in 1984 by Novelist writer George Orwell. The story describes events at Barnhill which is on the island of Jura. This time the writer is suffering from tuberculosis. The book focuses on government repressive, over-reach and totalitarianism among people’s moral values in their society. It tries to show the future year 1984 when the world is facing a challenge of war, unfair governance, propaganda, and historical negationism.
One character in the book is Winston smith. He is not an important member of one of the ruling parties in London in a country called Oceania. He is concerned about the big brothers, who are following him everywhere he goes, they are hired by his party to watch him through telescreens. They keep a watch of him even in his house. The Party oversees everything in this nation be it language or history. The party wants to introduce a new language called Newspeak by force. The language is intended to control the political atmosphere by removing every word that will bring rebellion. You are not even to think of being a rebel since it is illegal which is a grave crime.
At the beginning of the novel, Smith feels this is too much and they are being oppressed by how this ruthless party. You cant think freely, have sex, or express yourself freely. Smith acquires a diary illegally and secretery which he uses to document the criminal thoughts. He also doesn’t like the powerful O’Brien in the party who he thinks he is a member of the secret Brotherhood. The movement secretly determines how a party is run.
Smith’s position in the ministry of truth helps him cook the record to fix the party’s needs. Unfortunately, a beautiful girl catches her trying to alter the records and he worries if she will turn to be the informer who will spill his beans. He cant believe how history has been changed to suit the narrative of Oceania and Eastasia are allies against Eurasia but historically according to him, this was not true. The brotherhood leader Emmanuel is considered to be the most brutal person in the movement. Smith likes to spend his evenings in the poor neighborhood of London where the party cant monitor him much.
Fortunetly, one day Smith was happy to learn the beautiful girl Julia was on her side when she sent him a love note. Soon they are in an affair and she was no helping him monitor the party. The couple now rent a house where smith had bought a diary. The relationship seems good for some time. But Smith still since they will be caught and face the consequences sooner or later. His first diary was the mistake he knew he made but he had to. Julia seems more optimistic and pragmatic. One day he receives a note that he has been waiting for. The big brother’s leader wants to see him.
They had to visit the boss expensive apartment which they can only imagine. To their surprise, O’Brien hates the party too but this was a trap. Soldiers enter the room and He is arrested and tortured. He had fallen to the O’Briens Trap to hate and rebel against the party openly. Smith is also brainwashed. O’Brien sends Smith to the final room 101 which is dreaded where anyone who opposes the party is taken. Here there are all worst nightmares including rats where they happen throughout the novel. The rats were eating his face. He tries to plead with him so that it can be done to Julia and not to him.
O’Brien wanted Smith to give up Julia. Smith is released after accepting the party entirely and loving the big brother more than ever. He no longer has feelings for Julia.