Children of Virtue and Vengeance by Tomi Adeyemi

Children of Virtue and Vengeance is the sequel to the groundbreaking debut novel Children of Blood and bone from legendary author Tomi Adeyemi. It is the second book in the trilogy dubbed ‘Legacy of Orisha’. Because it is a sequel, it is almost impossible to read the second book without reading the first one. So before we go on, head on over and read her debut novel Children of Blood and Bone that we have already reviewed right HERE. As a summary, in the first book, we are introduced to Zelie Abedola, a young girl who is born into a somewhat lost culture of Maji, a lineage of people with the gift of magic. When she was still young, the people around her such as her family and friends were massacred because of who they were and the magic they wielded. This left her to grow up in total fear of her physique and her unique ability to use magic for the good of Orisha and its people.

Book two continues the story fro where the first one left us with Zelie, after having such a shattering loss, is fully focused on getting revenge on the monarchy. The twist, however, is Zelie and her people did not anticipate getting a stronger adversary who is actually more powerful than her, in terms of magic. This leaves Zelie with the challenging task of realizing the magic within her to give her the capacity to fight back and win or else she might again end up losing another person that she loves, or worse, have the entire Maji wiped out permanently.

Just like in the first book, Adeyemi moves the story reasonably fast, because of her unique ability to break down the book into short and efficiently consumable chapters. The book, while maintaining its thrill, still goes into the different Maji clans and their powers, the elders, and the history giving a good back story that both precedes and succeeds the first novel while maintaining a good flow and very great continuity. As you read through the book, you will often cringe at Zelie’s and Princess Amari’s decisions a number of times but that is what makes them human and helps them grow. Though their stubbornness often gets them into trouble, especially at the expense of the clan, they always learn from their mishaps giving them the human nature of doing mistakes and learning from them.

As initially stated, Children of Virtue and Vengeance is not a stand alone book and it is very difficult to just pick it up and read it on its own. You will enjoy it to its full potential if you are familiar with the first book and its plot and characters. The second book maintains the thrill of twists and turns of the first one but sadly does not entirely live up to Children of Blood and Bone. Writers, filmmakers, musicians, and other art creators often say that the second creation never outshines the first one and this is true for this book series. Though Children of Virtue and Vengeance does a superb job of telling a nice story, it really does not do such a great job as the first book. The ending was also a very suspenseful one and it sets the stage for a beautiful closure to a great trilogy. I am very sure that with the phenomenal writing prowess of Tomi Adeyemi, and her unique storytelling and visualization, we are in for a treat in the conclusion of this epic trilogy.

Who moved my Cheese by Spencer Johnson

Who Moved My Cheese? An Amazing Way to Deal with Change in Your Work and in Your Life has been hailed as a great guide to dealing with change in every human beings life. Written in 1998 by acclaimed writer Dr. Spenser Johnson, this book has changed the lives of many and has sold several million copies worldwide spending quite some time in the best seller’s list. With less than 100 pages on its hard copy, making it a quick read in a few hours, what significance could this book hold to make it this phenomenal? What makes this book that extremely popular and a darling to many? Why do the testimonials of many reveal that the book has helped them deal with change in their lives efficiently? I dug into the book and finished it in three hours and I have to say this about the book ”Who moved my Cheese by Spencer Johnson”

Very great story

The story is just simply wonderful. Simple, concise, relatable, and downright catchy. The author takes us into the fictitious world of four characters in their quest to find cheese which is their source of nutrition and in effect, wellbeing. There exist 2 humans who are mice-sized as well as 2 actual mice. The mice, Scurry and Sniff adapt with change quite fast when their cheese is ‘moved’. Unlike the mice, the humans; Hem and Haw, take longer to adapt to change when they realized that the cheese has been ‘moved’ as well. Throughout the book, we are taken through the journey of these individuals as they discover how to deal with the change in their lives and to adapt effectively.

Very important lessons

Because of the versatility of the book, many individuals draw different lessons from the book. As with each character, there exist different paths that individuals take to change but the primary lesson is ‘Change always comes, learn to adapt’

Like Sniff, we need to smell change while it is still a distance away.

Like Scurry, we need to run quickly to the new destination when change occurs.

Unlike Hem who denies the occurrence of change and actually resists it, we need to do the opposite and accept and move on with the change

Both like and unlike Hem who takes a while to adapt and eventually succeed, we need to pick ourselves faster when change occurs rather than waiting for the last minute to accept and effect change

Very beautiful narration

In other self-help books, we often meet a tough-talking motivational speaker talking loudly and giving instructions on how he has done it and the reader should do it. This is often a bot exhaustive to any reader and could easily throw off the reader from even benefiting from the book. Who Moved My Cheese? An Amazing Way to Deal with Change in Your Work and in Your Life however takes a different approach. In a parable-like manner, the writer narrates the entire story intertwining it with change and how to effect and handle it. In the entire narration, the writer draws you into the life of his characters and you see how they handle change as you reflect and relate with at least one of his characters. This taps into the human mind concisely as it is easier to remember stories, fables, and parables with a meaning than it is to just read and understand lessons.

This is one of those books you just have to get and quickly go through as the message in it is very vital to every single human being’s life. It is a very important story told in a smart way.

The Book Thief by Markus Zusak

Many people fear discussing death, the holocaust, and the devastating burning of taboo books during Nazi Germany all at once, well, unless you are Markus Zusak. In this great novel, Markus Zusak tells us an amazing fictional story about a little girl who loves stealing books and has several encounters with death himself. It is a witty, humorous novel that will make you laugh, cry, and fear all within some 500 pages. The fact that the book was quickly adapted into a motion picture just shows the magnitude of influence the book has had since it got published in 2005.

Narrated by Death himself, the book tells the story of a young girl called Liesel, who steals books. After the tragic death of her brother, Liesel goes to live with her foster parents, Hans and Rosa Hubermann. She has to part ways with her mother because her mother cannot afford to look after her.

Liesel does not know how to read but Hans supports her and teaches her slowly and steadily how to read a whole manner of different things. She picks up her reading passionately and her curiosity is aroused further and further till she decides to start stealing books that they have been taught are very bad.

We are then introduced to a Jewish boy called Max Vandenburg who suddenly comes knocking on the door of the Hubbermans. He requests to be secretly hosted by them as a favor owed to Max’s father by Hans. Being a family with a kind heart, then take in the boy and host him in their basement. Max’s father had died sometime back during the first world war.

As the story continues unraveling, Liesel also grows up further as she realizes that the world might be more dangerous than she thought. All through her life, she meets, bonds, and interacts with many people including Rudy; a great fan of American athlete Jesse Owens. He sheepishly always asks for a kiss from the adamant Liesel. We see several characters die through time as the horror of war is depicted. Death continues narrating as he is uncannily drawn to this particular ‘book thief’.

When the story draws towards its conclusion, Max is forced to leave the family that has kept him safe for so long, in order to keep them, as well as himself, safe. The departure is teary as well as much of the book but the comical nature keeps a great balance that makes for a very sweet story that churns up your emotions. A fair warning is that as you read this book, have your box of tissues near because you will probably cry like a little child.

The most interesting aspect of this story is just how the entire story fits very well. It is like different puzzle pieces that fit together perfectly to give you a wonderful story. While the book addresses very serious issues, it does not lag behind on its comical nature. It is a book that fits perfectly for audiences of all ages and demographics. If you want a book that will make you appreciate the little things in life while taking you to a different world fully (where Death is a narrator), then this is the book for you.

There are so many lessons to be learned throughout the book and a simple blog cannot exhaust it. So the best alternative is to grab this book for yourself and go through this journey that might leave you gasping for more. I am not even hesitant in saying that this might actually be Markus Zusak’s best work yet.

Richest Man in Babylon- George S. Clarson

Referred to as the ”Financial Freedom Bible”, Richest Man in Babylon is indeed one of the greatest financial lessons books any individual can ever read in their lifetime. It is creatively depicted as a series of short stories, teaching direct lessons whose purpose is to show that the secrets to building wealth which are basically unchanging and remain the same throughout history. The one theme that cuts across all tales is that a person can indeed work hard and become wealthy while learning from everything that goes wrong.

The story is about Arkad, the supposed richest man in Babylon. Upon the King’s request, Arkad teaches his “seven cures to a lean purse” to individuals and society as a whole so that it can reap the benefits of what he has learned in his wealth-building journey.

Here are Arkad’s seven principles for wealth creation:

Start to fatten thy purse. (Saving)

This is actually the ignition key of the wealth-building journey. The classic principle of paying yourself first from your earnings. Clason, through Arkad, encourages paying yourself at least 10% of all the income that you earn. Even for those who are paying off debt, he still encourages setting aside this one-tenth from what you earn all for yourself. You can’t possibly be working but then spend all your fortunes paying other individuals and ignoring yourself.

Control thy expenditures. (Live below your means)

Basically, Clarson here teaches us the importance of living below your means and avoiding lifestyle inflation if you are ever to accumulate wealth. Arkad famously says to his students ‘”I say to you that just as weeds grow in a field wherever the farmer leaves space for their roots, even so freely do desires grow in men whenever there is a possibility of their being gratified. Thy desires are a multitude and those that thou mayest gratify are but few.

Make thy gold multiply. (Invest)

Your wealth streams have to extend beyond your income if you are ever to become financially stable. Put your money to work by making smart investments that pay off in a stable and consistent way. Also, take advantage of time and compounding interest when saving to ensure your money does not sit idly without growth.

Guard thy treasures from loss. (Protect your money from unsound investments)

Here, Arkad encourages the protection of your principle savings from loss. In as much as an investment such as stocks is a risk as prices may fall, it is very vital to make sound investment decisions backed by professionals and those with experience to protect you from loss. It is better to have little profits than have a larger risk that could potentially sink your entire amount. You know, those too good to be true deals!

Make of thy dwelling a profitable investment. (Own a home)

Clarson declares here that it makes more sense to make payments that will eventually become equity in terms of owning a home rather than giving money to a landlord. Though this point is debatable, this is one of those instances where Arkad’s argument makes perfect sense; for it is beautiful to pay towards owning rather than just paying to stay.

Insure a future income.

This is basically having a plan for retirement, insurance, and having enough for the tough days. It is very vital, according to Arkad, that you have enough wealth accumulated to sustain you and your family during the tougher days or just in case you cross over into the darkness (die)

Increase thy ability to earn.

Ensure you always find ways to make more money by improving your skillet thereby yourself more valuable even to employers. Go for classes, train yourself, take side jobs; whatever you can, set SMART performance goals, and start working to earn more money as soon as possible.

A beautiful book for anyone who desires to break away from the shackles of financial slavery.

Kevin Kwan’s Crazy Rich Asians

Ever wanted to read a book that will make you laugh, sympathize, cry and even cheer at some point while all along giving you a scoop into the life of the Chinese super-rich; a new class of individuals and families who are keeping five-star hotels, restaurants, and luxury shops around the world alive? Well, that is what Kevin Kwan’s debut novel will make you see. An inside scoop on one of the most interesting and crazy stories of Super Rich Asians that you will ever get to read.

The novel is set in Singapore, the birthplace of the author as well as that of his main character, Nick Young. For two years, He has been dating a professor of economics at New York University called Rachel Chu while living in Greenwich Village. Rachel Chu actually comes from a wealthy Taipei family, but she has no clue what wealth really is.

That is until he invites her to come with him to his home in Singapore since he is going to be the best man at his friend’s wedding. This sets the stage for one of the most hilarious rollercoaster rides for Rachel. She soon discovers that the life they had in New York in no way compares to what she is about to witness in Singapore.

The intricacies of this family are seen in almost every scene. The vivid description of Kevin Kwan highlights almost all issues that typically happen in crazy rich Asian families. For starters, Collin Cho, Nick’s best friend, is being married to the daughter of a rich Chinese businessman and it has all been planned to the finest details. He tells Nick “You know this merger has been choreographed down to the most minute detail, it’s good for business and anything that’s good for business is good for the family… I have not been in the position to make a single choice since I was born, and you know that.” This highlights the orchestration of this union in an attempt to ‘preserve the wealth’.

Then there is Eleanor, Nick’s mother, who has the exact idea of the kind of woman Nick should marry. And she makes sure Rachel knows that she does not approve of her. Rachel comes to sadly find out that the sweet and humble man she knew from New York is being headhunted by an army of socialites who want him all to themselves. So, as she came to find out, not only does she face rejection from Eleanor, but she also must battle the numerous women circling her man like vultures circling a carcass.

Kwan is very descriptive when it comes to the lifestyle of the super-rich. He describes in rich details their extravagant houses, their enormous wardrobes, their love for good and expensive food, and the desires of the older generation to retain their wealth within the family.

As the intricacies unfold, we are drawn into a world of wealth, secrets, betrayals, and high standards. While we are drawn into this world, we are also cognizant of the fact that there are gentle souls that wish well and do not regard money as the heartbeat of everything. All the characters in this novel are so carefully intertwined to reveal a great web of family drama almost incomparable to any other novel.

This is one of the best love stories ever written and it takes a couple of themes to intertwine them properly. Just the magnitude of the accuracy and details in this book has made it to be developed into a major motion picture with both critical and box office success. This is a good book to read.

Me Before You- Jojo Moyes

When you want to talk about romance novels that not only make your heart race but also make your eyes well up, then you can definitely never fail to mention ‘Me Before You’. This is one of those books that will live in your heart for so long it will probably restore your faith in humanity and the beauty that love is. I was fortunate enough to watch the adapted movie before I read the book and I must say, the book blew me away. Yes, Me Before You was adapted into a commercially successful film with the same name which premiered in 2016.

Me before you is basically the story of Loisa and Will. Louisa is an unambitious young lady who ends up falling in love with Will, a quadriplegic who is tired of his life and intends to end his life. As the novel progresses, we are pulled into a relationship between two people from extreme opposites of the world in so many dimensions. The story unfolds so beautifully and it consumes the reader barely allowing them to place the book down for even a single moment. So, what makes Me Before You stand out so much both as the book and as the critically acclaimed film?

The plight of Disabled People

We know all the marginalization that goes on in the world. Thankfully, books from time immemorial have been addressing these issues, and luckily, Me Before You did the exact same thing. It addresses the challenges that disabled people go through and their plight for equality. Further, it addresses just how hard it can get for someone who becomes disabled midway through life. Through the eyes of Will, we see a man so torn through being quadriplegic that he is willing to lose his life just so he does not have to live his life in the wheelchair.

Love transcends everything

Love is a universal language. Everyone understands love and yearns for it. And that is exactly what this book tries to tell us. Despite our differences in race, culture, religion, and even physical abilities, we crave love. The lives of Will and Louisa are technically one of the most ordinarily impossible to intertwine. But their love story reminds us that love transcends ambition, physical disability, and even social class. As the book nears its end, Louisa confesses her feelings to Will who, despite his slightly hardened heart proves eventually that he loves her even more.

There is always light at the end of the tunnel

This book takes us on an emotional rollercoaster. We go through the pain of disability, post-traumatic experiences, the power of love, goodness, and some good travel, and eventually, through the tough choices, we all have to make as we journey through life. The book gives us an insightful look that mirrors our everyday life reminding us that despite all that we are going through there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Very strong characters

If there is something I thoroughly admired about Me Before You is the strength and relatability of these characters. In this universe, these individuals are not just going through life with sad stories and a tale of love, they are going through what ordinary people go through, facing the same challenges we do and making the same mistakes. This makes it more than just a romance novel, it sounds like a biography of each and every one of us- at least through certain phases of our lives that we go through. If you want a romance novel, go for it. If you want an exciting biography that you can relate with no matter your stage in life, go for it. You will never regret it.

50 Shades of what?

50 Shades of what?

We have all heard of this story at some point in our lives- whether we have read the book or not. The acclaimed love story of Christian and Anastacia. Sometimes hailed as the greatest romance novel ever written, this book stayed on the NYT best sellers list for a very long time. So what makes 50 shades of Grey such a memorable book and why do people think its one of the greatest books ever written. Let us dive a little deeper into this universe and dissect a few issues on why the book appealed to so many but was somewhat hailed as an equal failure by some readers.

The book revolves around billionaire entrepreneur Christian Grey who develops a relationship with literature student Anastacia Steele. What starts as an innocent interview that Anastacia goes to have with Christian, turns out to a passionate story of love, erotic expression, and emotional insecurity. We all battle with our own demons but this story reveals underlying issues in the lives of these two individuals that reveals their own demons. Two different people from very different walks of life who try to work out a relationship that might, or might not work eventually.

What makes 50 Shades of Grey a good book?

So, what makes this book a very nice book that has appealed to millions worldwide?

  1. It is fantasies fulfiled

From the erotic nature of the book to the billionaire boyfriend to instant sparks exploding between two people at just the sight of each other, this book simply put: fulfils the desires of very many people. The book takes you to a eutopia and leaves you yearning for more.

  1. It is also relatable

As author E L James takes you to this eutopia, he still keeps you in the real world, where people have struggles, disagree and are even torn at crossroads quite often. This makes the book balance the effect of fantasy and reality and present you with an outlook that will make you think, do I really want this life in 50 Shades of Grey or is my life in itself just good enough?

  1. It shows us the battles in our mind

The book also breaks down what goes on in our minds. How far are you willing to go for someone you love? The dilemma between breaking your principles and staying with someone you love? The crossroads of sacrificing what you believe in or sacrificing who you love. Even as the book excites you with all the nicely written romance paragraphs, it gets you thinking, what would I have done if I was in their shoes? And what am I doing in my life when I am at a crossroad like that?

However, there is also a section of readers who have thoroughly critiqued the film based on these premises:

  1. Depiction of love and sex

The book has been criticized by several people by its depiction of sex and its relation to love. The depiction and glorification of BDSM have also been said to have been quite extreme. The choices that the characters make as well has been pointed out as not necessarily being the very best choices that point towards true love. This, some readers feel that overall, makes 50 Shades of Grey to change from being a love story to being a sexual story. But with the world we live in: who could blame them?

Well, that just about sums it up, 50 Shades of Grey is undoubtedly a good book, but like anything in this world, it has its fair share of pitfalls. But I will let you be the judge of that. If you have read the book, share with us what you think. If not, grab a book, have a read, and tell us what you think.

Children of Blood and Bone Tomi Adeyemi

I must admit, this is one of those novels that will just blow your mind. No phrase describes this book better. Your mind will simply be blown away by this masterpiece of a novel. Based on the fictitious world of Orisha, Children of Blood and Bone is one of the best Scifi novels to every grace the eyes of any reader out there- and this is no exaggeration. Written by 26-year-old African-American writer Tomi Adeyemi, this novel takes you on a rollercoaster of the beautiful and rich culture of Africa condensed into a Scifi novel of only 525 pages. Children of Blood and Bones was published on the 6th of March 2018 and immediately went down into history as one of the best novels to ever be written. So, what makes this Scifi novel such a brilliant piece of art and why does it resonate so much with readers from all over the world?
Beautiful Story
There is no doubt about the beauty of this fabulous story. Set in a fantasy where magic and evil rulers exist, one would be quick to judge this as another fairy tale novel. But as you get deeper; you go through a journey with Zélie, a girl, born into an otherwise forgotten culture of Maji, a magic-wielding lineage. Her family and friends were killed when she was still young leaving her to grow up in absolute fear of their physique and life-long mantle of using their magic for the good of Orisha. As the story progresses, we are introduced to an unlikely alliance between Zélie and Amari, who is the daughter to the king who killed Zélie’s parents. This alliance must be able to help restore the magic to the Maji and consequently bring order, equality, and balance back to the people. So, will these two achieve what they set out to do or will they be ultimately brought down by Inan- Amari’s brother who is hot on their trail and eager to prove himself to his father?
Powerful undertones and high relatability
This is not just an ordinary fantasy adult novel that is telling a beautiful story. This book draws a lot of its inspiration from all the evil going on in the world, sometimes disguised as supremacy and correctness. With a lot of inspiration drawn from the ‘Black Lives Matter Movement’, this book speaks volumes on the need to treat everyone equally despite where they are from, what they look like, what family they were born into, and what the colour of their hair is. In simple terms, just like the world we live in today, the Maji were treated differently purely based on their appearance. This was a hard hit to racism.
Almost Perfect Story Arc
We cannot deny that this story is almost perfect. The arc of both the antagonist and protagonist are so neatly woven together in perfect harmony without the need for unnecessary convenience in the story. Simply put, the plot of this story is so well-structured in a seamless manner that it appeals both to the experienced novelist and a greenhorn just looking for an exciting story.
This is a good story that I would recommend for anyone interested in not only a good, captivating, and exciting story, but also for someone who appreciated writing as a form of art. Tomi Adeyemi does not just pull you into her world, she keeps you there, glued to the very end. The last sentence of this book will leave you yearning for the sequel in the trilogy, ‘Children of Virtue and Vengeance’. It is no wonder that the book already has a film adaptation in the waterworks.

The Great Gatsby Fiction Summary

This Fiction novel was written in 1925 by Scott Fitsgerald. It has characters living in a fictional town known as east egg and west egg which are on an Island and its summer of 1922 during. It is a story of a mysterious young rich who is obsessed with beautiful Daisy Buchanan who is from a higher class. The book tries to bring up the topics of idealism, resistance to change, decadence, social upheaval, and the drawbacks which were predicted they will hold back the American dream. The writer had attended many parties in Long Islands Northshore and this inspired him to start witting the novel in 1923. He had a desire to come up with something new, beautiful, organized and extraordinary. It was slow fro first but later he was able to finish his work.
Nick Carraway, the major character in the book is from Minnesota, and he has migrated to New York in the summer of 19922 to explore and learn about Business tips. He got a house in West Egg district. This is the unfashionable area were new rich come and settle. If you have a new social connection and wealth is easier for you to settle in West Egg. Nick has a new next-door mysterious Neighbough Jay Gatsby who plans party one after another every weekend in his luxurious mansion.
Unlike other settlers of the west egg, he is well educated and he has many friends in the east egg. East egg is a well fashionable luxurious place to stay. His cousin Daisy Buchanan leaves there too with her husband Tom who was his classmate. They help Nick get a girlfriend Jordan Baker who is a smart beautiful woman. This marks the beginning of their successful relationship. Nick also gets a chance to learn about marriage from his cousin. Tom has an affair with Myrtle. Later Tom takes Tom to a party downtown to an apartment where Tom has an affair. Here Myrtle tries to talk ill about Daisy but Tom cut her shot.
Summer is doing well and Nick got an invitation from Gatsby to join their parties. There he meets Jordan Baker the owner of the mansion himself. Gatsby is a well English spoken man with a beautiful accent, cool smile and has a nickname for everyone. Nick later learns about her mysterious neighbor from Jordan. Gatsby is interested in Daisy who he knew from 1917 and he loves her. He tries to impress her by throwing parties and buying her gifts. He has spent a lot of money on her and now he wants to reunite with her and he wants Nick to help. Nick organizes for tea in his house and Daisy came without knowing Gatsby will be there. Finally, they are reunited and an affair begins.
Tom later becomes suspicious of his wife in one of the luncheons where Gatsby stares at Daisy with romantically. Tom who has an affair too is jealous of this. Tom directs the team to go to New York where he confronts Gatsby. He tells him he can’t understand where they have come from. He tells his wife that Gatsby is a criminal who wants to destroy their lives through his illegal activities. The argument went for a while. Tom was trying to play he was not hurt by his wife’s’ affair. He pretends to tell them to go back to East egg to show he is okay.
The events end with Myrtle being hit by Gatsby’s car. Tom tells George that Gatsby was the driver and already George had made up her mind that the driver had an affair with his wife. George shoots Gatsby and then shoots himself. Nick leaves West Egg to escape the bad story.

Fiction Nineteen Eighty-Four Summary

This is one of the great fiction Novels written in 1984 by Novelist writer George Orwell. The story describes events at Barnhill which is on the island of Jura. This time the writer is suffering from tuberculosis. The book focuses on government repressive, over-reach and totalitarianism among people’s moral values in their society. It tries to show the future year 1984 when the world is facing a challenge of war, unfair governance, propaganda, and historical negationism.
One character in the book is Winston smith. He is not an important member of one of the ruling parties in London in a country called Oceania. He is concerned about the big brothers, who are following him everywhere he goes, they are hired by his party to watch him through telescreens. They keep a watch of him even in his house. The Party oversees everything in this nation be it language or history. The party wants to introduce a new language called Newspeak by force. The language is intended to control the political atmosphere by removing every word that will bring rebellion. You are not even to think of being a rebel since it is illegal which is a grave crime.
At the beginning of the novel, Smith feels this is too much and they are being oppressed by how this ruthless party. You cant think freely, have sex, or express yourself freely. Smith acquires a diary illegally and secretery which he uses to document the criminal thoughts. He also doesn’t like the powerful O’Brien in the party who he thinks he is a member of the secret Brotherhood. The movement secretly determines how a party is run.
Smith’s position in the ministry of truth helps him cook the record to fix the party’s needs. Unfortunately, a beautiful girl catches her trying to alter the records and he worries if she will turn to be the informer who will spill his beans. He cant believe how history has been changed to suit the narrative of Oceania and Eastasia are allies against Eurasia but historically according to him, this was not true. The brotherhood leader Emmanuel is considered to be the most brutal person in the movement. Smith likes to spend his evenings in the poor neighborhood of London where the party cant monitor him much.
Fortunetly, one day Smith was happy to learn the beautiful girl Julia was on her side when she sent him a love note. Soon they are in an affair and she was no helping him monitor the party. The couple now rent a house where smith had bought a diary. The relationship seems good for some time. But Smith still since they will be caught and face the consequences sooner or later. His first diary was the mistake he knew he made but he had to. Julia seems more optimistic and pragmatic. One day he receives a note that he has been waiting for. The big brother’s leader wants to see him.
They had to visit the boss expensive apartment which they can only imagine. To their surprise, O’Brien hates the party too but this was a trap. Soldiers enter the room and He is arrested and tortured. He had fallen to the O’Briens Trap to hate and rebel against the party openly. Smith is also brainwashed. O’Brien sends Smith to the final room 101 which is dreaded where anyone who opposes the party is taken. Here there are all worst nightmares including rats where they happen throughout the novel. The rats were eating his face. He tries to plead with him so that it can be done to Julia and not to him.
O’Brien wanted Smith to give up Julia. Smith is released after accepting the party entirely and loving the big brother more than ever. He no longer has feelings for Julia.