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Openbookskim is your favourite go-to blog for all things books. From the simplest children illustration books to the deepest literary pieces from the most creative minds in history, we try to dissect and break down for you the best books to read at all junctures of your life, and for every emotion in a short review. From excerpts to reviews, summaries and even author analysis, we look at what literature has to offer and simplify it for you so you can be able to go through the beautiful world of books quick yet comprehensively.

At Openbookskim, we believe in three solid bookworm principles:

  1. Books are the biggest untapped reservoir of knowledge

Jokes aside, books really are the biggest reservoir of untapped knowledge. Think about it, often, years of research is put into a single 150-page book and is all presented to a reader. A reader who can go through the book in a day. Therefore, years of research is summarized in a single day’s read. Talk about having all the hard labour done for you. Books are like white gold here at Openbookskim and that is why we strive to give you the best summaries and reviews.

  1. Every book counts

Like almost every feature in life, everyone has a desired taste and preference. Because of this, we believe every different book counts at Openbookskim. We believe every individual has a right to read their favourite genre without prejudice and that is why we ensure we review books from all walks of life. From simple children’s books to literary masterpieces, works of fiction and even self-help books, we ensure every reader can comfortably come to Openbookskim and get reviews and summaries for whichever genre they are interested in.

  1. Books are the Only Thing You can never have too much of

Let’s face it- books never get old and you can never read too many of them. This can probably be the only positive addiction every recorded in history. Our advice though: don’t also read too much at the expense of other important things. So, as you browse through these pages of knowledge, do not feel like you are reading too much as you are only but building your knowledge. Openbookskim believes that book reading is a good pass time hobby that helps improve not only one’s creativity but also one’s understanding of different topics and knowledge base in general.

We, therefore, welcome you to take a journey with us in the exploration of books as the world’s oldest medium of knowledge transfer. Even with the advent of technology, one thing remains for sure, books will always remain a core part of humanity. Welcome to Openbookskim where you can read reviews, summaries and even give opinions and suggestions of what you would like us to review. We are a family, and as strange as it may sound, we are a family of bookworms here at Openbookskim.com