Rich Dad Poor Day by Robert Kiyosaki

This is one of the most quoted financial literacy books in modern history. Written by Robert Kiyosaki and published in 1997; this is one of those books you will hear about in seminars and self-help conventions. It is quite the … Read the rest

Born a Crime from Funny man Trevor Noah

There are just names that when you hear, you instantly start laughing. Their humour is witty, their jokes are relevant and timely and you connect with them at a personal level. Trevor Noah is one such individual. You can never … Read the rest

Becoming Michelle Obama

Becoming is a twenty-four chapter memoir of former US first lady Michelle Obama. It broke the record by selling more copies in 15 days than any other book in the US. The book is all about her deeply personal experience. … Read the rest

Ryan Holiday’s Ego is the Enemy

Many self-help books have been written in the modern and even ancient days but nothing quite stands out like Ryan Holiday’s Ego is the Enemy. Scholars and basic literates have likewise admonished self-help books as being basic cash crunches but … Read the rest