Where the Wild Things Are: Maurice Sendak

Where the Wild Things Are has been touted as one of the most famous children books of all time. With its appealing nature and quite nicely written story, this book proves itself as being among the league of one of the greatest books of all time. First published in 1963 and written by Maurice Sendak, this book has become a favorite to very many people, across generations, both young and old. It is a book I personally regard as a timeless masterpiece of imagination and one that will outlive many of its peers. I mean, it is already more than 50 years old and it still has the same impact it did on readers then as it has now. These are the 3 elements about this book that makes it stand out so much:

  • A beautiful story

Max is a cunning young boy who always causes trouble in the house. If he is not wearing costumes like wolf skins and chasing around the home dog with a fork, he is wearing crowns and having mischievous grins. When his mother feels like she has had enough with the child, she punishes him by sending him to sleep without dinner for that night. Itis on this night and in this room that his magical journey starts when his world turns into a utopia and he is made king to rule over all the wild creatures under his rulership. The joy and quench for his love for power and control is however shortlived as he quickly starts missing home and having dinner with his mother.

  • A very imaginative premise

This book not only tells you a story written in words, the book has an array of pictures that accompany it to make it more immersive. When you start reading this story, both as a child and as an adult, you will find yourself deeply immersed in every single page of this 40-page children’s book.

  • Beautiful lessons for both parents and children

As the book immerses you in the story, it leaves you with very engraved lessons in your mind that you might remember them for the rest of your life. Being that the book starts out being typical and relatable with the mischief of Max and the punishment that he receives from his parents, then it spirals into a world of imagination and ultimate satisfaction for Mac, or so he thinks. As it comes to an end, the book brings home the fact that ultimate satisfaction does not come from achieving your fantasies but rather spending time with those you love. This is a lesson that can be drawn from the book by both the parents and the children.


The book has drawn criticism for being a bit extreme. For starters, a few readers say that the behavior of the kid is a bit extreme and defiant. He is a bit too much even in his explorative nature of a young boy. Also, the parent is a bit too extreme in meting out her punishment. This has drawn criticism from a section of the book readers. Also, some readers feel as though the book rewards Max by not allowing him to live through the punishment given but rather quickly taking him to a world where his fantasies are ultimately met.

This story, all in all, is quite fantastic. It is an experience every child and adult should go through. Because of just how well received the book was, Warner Brothers made it into a film released in 2009. This can attest to the impact that the film has had on many generations. This is just an experience every individual must have.

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