The Great Gatsby Fiction Summary

This Fiction novel was written in 1925 by Scott Fitsgerald. It has characters living in a fictional town known as east egg and west egg which are on an Island and its summer of 1922 during. It is a story of a mysterious young rich who is obsessed with beautiful Daisy Buchanan who is from a higher class. The book tries to bring up the topics of idealism, resistance to change, decadence, social upheaval, and the drawbacks which were predicted they will hold back the American dream. The writer had attended many parties in Long Islands Northshore and this inspired him to start witting the novel in 1923. He had a desire to come up with something new, beautiful, organized and extraordinary. It was slow fro first but later he was able to finish his work.
Nick Carraway, the major character in the book is from Minnesota, and he has migrated to New York in the summer of 19922 to explore and learn about Business tips. He got a house in West Egg district. This is the unfashionable area were new rich come and settle. If you have a new social connection and wealth is easier for you to settle in West Egg. Nick has a new next-door mysterious Neighbough Jay Gatsby who plans party one after another every weekend in his luxurious mansion.
Unlike other settlers of the west egg, he is well educated and he has many friends in the east egg. East egg is a well fashionable luxurious place to stay. His cousin Daisy Buchanan leaves there too with her husband Tom who was his classmate. They help Nick get a girlfriend Jordan Baker who is a smart beautiful woman. This marks the beginning of their successful relationship. Nick also gets a chance to learn about marriage from his cousin. Tom has an affair with Myrtle. Later Tom takes Tom to a party downtown to an apartment where Tom has an affair. Here Myrtle tries to talk ill about Daisy but Tom cut her shot.
Summer is doing well and Nick got an invitation from Gatsby to join their parties. There he meets Jordan Baker the owner of the mansion himself. Gatsby is a well English spoken man with a beautiful accent, cool smile and has a nickname for everyone. Nick later learns about her mysterious neighbor from Jordan. Gatsby is interested in Daisy who he knew from 1917 and he loves her. He tries to impress her by throwing parties and buying her gifts. He has spent a lot of money on her and now he wants to reunite with her and he wants Nick to help. Nick organizes for tea in his house and Daisy came without knowing Gatsby will be there. Finally, they are reunited and an affair begins.
Tom later becomes suspicious of his wife in one of the luncheons where Gatsby stares at Daisy with romantically. Tom who has an affair too is jealous of this. Tom directs the team to go to New York where he confronts Gatsby. He tells him he can’t understand where they have come from. He tells his wife that Gatsby is a criminal who wants to destroy their lives through his illegal activities. The argument went for a while. Tom was trying to play he was not hurt by his wife’s’ affair. He pretends to tell them to go back to East egg to show he is okay.
The events end with Myrtle being hit by Gatsby’s car. Tom tells George that Gatsby was the driver and already George had made up her mind that the driver had an affair with his wife. George shoots Gatsby and then shoots himself. Nick leaves West Egg to escape the bad story.