James Allen As A Man Thinketh

 As A Man Thinketh is not an outdated book. James Allan did this work in 1903 but it has remained to be one of the greatest books. Every motivational speaker quotes it. He has tried to put the book simple and short so that everyone can read it. Within a few minutes, you can learn his teachings and grasp them easily. If you put into practice this advice, you will get very positive results. He shows that everything happening around you is controlled by your thoughts. You have the key to every condition bad or good that is part of your life. It is one of the cheapest books which can even fit in your pocket. You can even read it within one hour and create a positive attitude

This title is inspired by a bible verse from the books of Proverbs 23:7. “As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he” If you want to become powerful, achieve your dreams like starting your first company. Many motivational talks and blogs will give you steps to follow like a drug prescription. Allen’s book helps you realize how much power you already possess. This review will show you how your thoughts control everything, from starting a business, running it, relating with people, your character, your artwork, and everything revolving around your life. By the end of this summary, you will give yourself freedom. You will learn that your mind is a garden, your thinking can make you older and why you need to be a dreamer.

We can change our lives by mastering our thoughts. 

One puzzling question is what makes up human beings, but simply we are our thoughts. Everything coming from us is the product of what is growing from our thoughts just like how a plant sprout from a tiny seed. This whole pattern of thoughts builds a character. Personality and character are developed by our thoughts. Altitude relies on your attitude and action and attitude are closely related. Those people who attain little results in their lives think very little of themselves and they always think they are small. You heard the story of the two teams in the bible who were sent to survey the promised land. The first team said the land has owners who look like giants and they are like grasshoppers to them. The second team said that the land is fertile and full of honey and milk. This is how minds shape our character and if we change our thought, we change our character. This can be achieved by working on our thoughts which helps us achieve Divine Perfection. Having disorganized thoughts can put you in deep trouble.

We should shape the world too.

We tend to blame our failures on something, and we are guilty of it. It makes us feel okay but drags us back. We forget our external factors are connected to our character but it not the way you think. As we shape the world it shapes us too. The kind of situations we end up in shapes our character. Remember there are people with a heart of gold. Sometimes changing someone’s character is not easy.

Positive thoughts are determined by your better health and other goals

How much you sleep, heart rate, headaches and lack of exercise can be a result of poor thoughts. Focusing your thoughts on a specific goal will give you an excellent result. If you want better results direct your thoughts to feel better and positive about a specific goal. Let go of all thoughts that you feel are negative.

Lastly, We control our success, Have a big dream

Let’s remember we are also to blame for our failures. If we think we are small, we will always be small in everything, but we are the ones who can free ourselves. We should not forget our ideals and values. We should also keep our dreams alive like Christopher Columbus who dreamed of the world and discovered America.

Master your thoughts and you will change your character and life around you. You will achieve all that you dream of if your thoughts are positive. You will also unlock yourself and discover the quality world.