To Kill a Mockingbird Review

This is one of the novels that are considered to be one of the greatest novels written. It was written by Harper Lee in 1960. It was read in many schools in the US. It has contributed much to modern America Literature and won the Pulitzer Prize. The book is based on Lee’s observation of her family life, real events that took place near her hometown when she was young.
Despite the book being more serious on issues of rape and racial inequalities, it is so humorous and you love reading it. Atticus Finch is one character of a lawyer who you will admire in the book because of his integrity. He is a window and has two sons Scout Finch and her brother Jem. They are from Alabama in a town called Maycomb which is in depression. Atticus finch family seems to be well of compared to the rest of his neighbors because he is a good lawyer. One summer Scout and Jem becomes friend with Dill who has come to live in their neighborhood. They like sharing stories and one day Dill notices a beautiful house. It is owned by Nathan and he has a brother Arthur “Boo” Radley who lives in there but doesn’t come outside often. Next Summer Dill visit her aunt again and the three friends. Every time they meet they discuss “Boo”. Many older people don’t discuss Boo much although they have been seeing him for many years. The children create rumors of why he remains hidden and they plan how to get him out of the house. Boo leaves him gifts in a tree outside the mansion.
The book has many turn of events where Articus is a lawyer to a black man who is accused of rape. His children are attacked as they come home from school.
This is a book you can’t stop reading and it has even a movie produced on it. This is a book that almost everyone has come across it and read it or at times students were forced to read it. Everyone who has read the book has his own experience reading this literature book.
Atticus Finch appears as a role model and a hero in this book. His morality is so encouraging when you compare it to physical capabilities. The whole novels teach morals and you can’t escape from it especially if you go to church and you are a religious person who fears sins. The character Dubose, for example, is vowing she will never die beholden to nobody or anything after recovering from drugs. She is now free being who is living her dreams.
The books try to differentiate between what is good and what is bad and distinguish the instinct between wrong and right with the application of the law. The message of doing what is right is very clear throughout the book. Now the book is just a good reference for what was taking place in the 1960s when the book was written. America was facing a path of overcoming the social-inequality as the country was in a state of ethical development. Women and black race movements were emerging and campaigned against these inequalities.

This period of the 1930s the book was set America was in a great depression and the American dream was no longer realistic. Atticus’ dream for equality was not also seeing the light. Still today, there is a huge debate whether the school children should be forced to read the book page by page.

If you have never read this book I would advise you to grab your copy. This book remains the best book no matter the debate of whether it should be taught in school or no. You get to learn a lot from it and the experience may even change your thinking and the way one perceives things. It can even help you the way you relate to people.