Schindler’s Ark- Thomas Keneally

Very few books tell a story of redemption as well as Schindler’s Ark. It is no mistake that this book has been adapted into a film that has been rated to be one of the greatest films ever made. My tears still well up when I read this book as it reminds me of how broken our world is and just how much the efforts of one man can change the world. Luckily, I read the book before I watched the film and I must say, the film does so much justice to the book. The movie retells an already beautiful book so meticulously it is almost impossible to tell it is the same story as well as it being hard to differentiate the same story. That is how beautiful this book is.

Schindler’s Ark (later known as Schindler’s List) is the story of Oskar Schindler- a drunk, womanizing, very smooth-talking individual who later became a hero that would never be forgotten to this very day. Because of his social and charming personality, Oskar enjoyed the good life socializing with the commanders at the Nazi concentration camp during the 2nd World War. However as Auschwitz concentration camp turned into a killing camp for Jews, he risked his own life severally trying to protect the lives of the then outcasted Jews in Nazi-occupied Poland and Czechoslovakia. In the course of this brave yet dangerous endeavour, he was several times arrested but luckily found a way to always outwit the Nazi Regime. Oskar is famed or saving the lives of over a thousand Jews who would have otherwise died under the hands of the regime then.

As I write this, you might think this is just another ordinary book about heroism, but here are 3 things that stood out for me in this book that will make me remember it for the rest of my life.

Not all heroes wear caps

With the advent of comic books and superhero films, we have been made to believe that as a superhero one should wear caps. Well, unlike Superman, Batman, or Thor, Oskar was a superhero to many yet he did not wear a cap. He was a simple man whose heart was all that he needed to function for him to make a difference. In his attempt to do what his heart told him to do, Oskar ended up being a legend. A Beverly Hills bag-seller known as Leopold Page, for a long time tried to persuade Hollywood to make a film about the man who had saved his wife and him from the Nazis. When he found Thomas Keneally he finally knew someone is going to tell the story of his favorite superhero.

One man can make a difference

Although we have been led to believe that it takes an entire generation to make a change, this book reminds us of the effect that a single man can have on an entire generation, and of generations to come. Oskar’s simple decision and the risk he decided to take not only saved the lives of thousands but also inspire millions to this day to take risks. When one man stands for the truth, though he may be going against what is normal at that time, he will be remembered for ages to come. That is the impact of one man.

This is just one of those books that you need to read to understand how blessed you are to have freedom, liberty, and life. It also reminds us of the impact you can have for your generation when you stand for the truth.