Me Before You- Jojo Moyes

When you want to talk about romance novels that not only make your heart race but also make your eyes well up, then you can definitely never fail to mention ‘Me Before You’. This is one of those books that will live in your heart for so long it will probably restore your faith in humanity and the beauty that love is. I was fortunate enough to watch the adapted movie before I read the book and I must say, the book blew me away. Yes, Me Before You was adapted into a commercially successful film with the same name which premiered in 2016.

Me before you is basically the story of Loisa and Will. Louisa is an unambitious young lady who ends up falling in love with Will, a quadriplegic who is tired of his life and intends to end his life. As the novel progresses, we are pulled into a relationship between two people from extreme opposites of the world in so many dimensions. The story unfolds so beautifully and it consumes the reader barely allowing them to place the book down for even a single moment. So, what makes Me Before You stand out so much both as the book and as the critically acclaimed film?

The plight of Disabled People

We know all the marginalization that goes on in the world. Thankfully, books from time immemorial have been addressing these issues, and luckily, Me Before You did the exact same thing. It addresses the challenges that disabled people go through and their plight for equality. Further, it addresses just how hard it can get for someone who becomes disabled midway through life. Through the eyes of Will, we see a man so torn through being quadriplegic that he is willing to lose his life just so he does not have to live his life in the wheelchair.

Love transcends everything

Love is a universal language. Everyone understands love and yearns for it. And that is exactly what this book tries to tell us. Despite our differences in race, culture, religion, and even physical abilities, we crave love. The lives of Will and Louisa are technically one of the most ordinarily impossible to intertwine. But their love story reminds us that love transcends ambition, physical disability, and even social class. As the book nears its end, Louisa confesses her feelings to Will who, despite his slightly hardened heart proves eventually that he loves her even more.

There is always light at the end of the tunnel

This book takes us on an emotional rollercoaster. We go through the pain of disability, post-traumatic experiences, the power of love, goodness, and some good travel, and eventually, through the tough choices, we all have to make as we journey through life. The book gives us an insightful look that mirrors our everyday life reminding us that despite all that we are going through there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Very strong characters

If there is something I thoroughly admired about Me Before You is the strength and relatability of these characters. In this universe, these individuals are not just going through life with sad stories and a tale of love, they are going through what ordinary people go through, facing the same challenges we do and making the same mistakes. This makes it more than just a romance novel, it sounds like a biography of each and every one of us- at least through certain phases of our lives that we go through. If you want a romance novel, go for it. If you want an exciting biography that you can relate with no matter your stage in life, go for it. You will never regret it.