Agatha Christie and today’s murder mystery

When it comes to writing women are not left behind. One of the mystery writers is Agatha Christie born in 1890. One of her famous books is ‘Murder on the Orient Express’ and ‘The Mystery of the Blue Train.’ She is one of the greatest best-sellers famous in the history of writers. She made a sale of billions of copies and wrote plays and romance novels. His place of birth was England. She was educated by her mother who inspired her to write. She enjoyed fantasy stories and created characters. She also learned piano and vocals when she was sixteen in Paris.

She had no companions to share life with. Her brother and sister were much older than her. She didn’t have school mates either because her mum was the one teaching her most of the time. She grew up as a shy girl and even when she was an adult she was still shy. It was difficult for her to enter a shop. Servants and family were her social circle. She was a kind introvert who spent most of her time with imaginary chickens, kings, and kittens. She liked participating in funerals and she placed flowers on her fried kate grave. She wrote that “I had a very happy childhood,”
At one point she had a tough time when her estate run out of money as a result of mismanagement. He tried her best in finding a job but most of the time it was in vain. She had no specific skills that she was trained for making it hard for her to get a job. Her life with her mum was not easy and they had to soldier day in day out.
She had no thought of a good career. She was thinking of getting married to a good husband and her dream came true when she was twenty-four. She got married to Archie Christie. Their marriage was after the 1st world war. Her husband was sent to France while she worked at a dispensary. They later settled in London when the war ended and they were blessed with one child, Rosalind. His husband went to work in the city while she started her writing career.
Their marriage was characterized by ups and downs. Clara passed in 1926 and her daughter was left alone with sorrow. Agatha moved back to her mum’s house preparing to sell it. Her husband kept visiting her till one day he broke the news of divorce to her. Agatha tried to persuade her not to opt for a divorce. She was depressed that one day she drove away and police had to intervene and search for her. She had gone to a hotel where she had checked in with a different name. He was taking walks and reading most of the time. There was a manhunt but most of the hotel attendees could not notice her. She even played with them but they could not connect. c
Christie’s work was not for passing time. The world wars helped her come up with writing ideas. The detective stories were many at that time that motivate writers. Her novels had great and colorful settings. The novels gave stories of how victims were poisoned by licking stamps, brushes, deadly diseases, poisonous mattresses, telephone electrocution, and many fanciful killing tactics. In her work when detectives suspect someone is dangerous was poisoned. She does not like violence and that is why most of the time she prefers to use poison.
Most of her work especially on homicide novels is demonstrating tricky methods to deal with murder and cover-ups. Many people had been researching why she was enthusiastic about detective novels during her time. This could be for religious reasons or war. She will remain a heroine in the work of crime and detective novels.