Amari and the Nigh Brothers by B.B Alston.

This book is one of the most loved middle-grade novels. It is a combination of a classic spy novel in a context of a fantasy school resulting in something unique. In just two chapters the writing will fly you right off the page. When the word “Weredragon” is mentioned, you cannot stop reading the book. The new character, a supernatural being is introduced. Amari Peters only knows the following three things; her brother Quinton is missing, no one talks about it, and Quinton’s mysterious job holds the secret. In the face of constant bullying wherever Amari goes, she is filled with bravery. This makes the reader adore Amari more and more as it is this role of a leading young lady every book need. Through her own experiences, she was able to identify that her recent new roommate was a Weredragon.

It is interesting to see how she accepts this fact so fast and hence teaching the reader different lessons to see a bigger picture of past differences in every individual. The love she had towards her brother is very adorable, and the reader is thrilled to read about siblings being so close. As the story often can portray them being at war with one another. It is awesome to read how she relentlessly purses the truth on what befalls Quinton although she is reckless at times. Thus, making her wonderful to the reader. You just do not need a good lead with great books, but you also need a cast of wonderful and adorable characters which is reflected in this book. Your blood will boil by reading about how creepy villains make other characters see what they want them to see, friends with mysterious motives, supportive buddies, and other bullies. 

Dylan is one of the favorite characters, and you will read most of the book trying to understand him and his traits. You will enjoy trying to work the reason as to what made him tick as he developed a complicated relationship with Amari. There are other characters like Dylan but it would be good to read the book and enjoy the adventure of reading it all yourself. The book is full of magic. From classic fantasy literature characters to mythical beasts, there is much on offer to keep young minds entertained and alight. The words magic system and building are particularly excellent the reader is never confused about any elements described. This will make the reader picture himself or herself walking on the halls of the bureau. There are little nods here and there to things, adult readers might be aware of, but young readers might not be.

Hence there is something for everyone in the book. It would be fun for one to read together with a young or less confident reader. A sense of realism is brought in through Amari’s background as a black girl who ails from an area being looked down on, accompanied by the magical side of things. This makes Amari more relatable. Readers are unable to read it without comparing the book to Harry Potter, and it is much better as more elements have been incorporated into it. It is not easy to put the book down once you start reading it and the reader finds himself or herself compelled to read it slowly in detail. Hence a good sign and characteristic of an amazing book. Readers are always eagerly waiting for the next release of the new volume of the book. They can’t wait to find out what will happen next, and they would be happy to be part of this adventure and fun.