Born a Crime from Funny man Trevor Noah

There are just names that when you hear, you instantly start laughing. Their humour is witty, their jokes are relevant and timely and you connect with them at a personal level. Trevor Noah is one such individual. You can never go wrong with him. He will make you laugh, cry, and be emotionally-charged at the same time. And this is exactly what he brings in his 2016 novel, Born a Crime. More like an autobiographical novel, Born a Crime leaves you in apartheid South Africa living out the life of coloured Trevor Noah. His comical nature of handling hard truths is not left behind in this book. This indeed is one of the greatest books you will ever read.

Trevor grows from aboy into a restless young man struggling to find himself in a world where he was ‘forbidden’. This is the story of Trevor’s relationship with his strict and severely religious mother- a woman ready to give it all for him. Whether they were surviving on caterpillars as a meal during hard times or being thrown out of a moving car during as someone attempt to kidnap him, or even just the intricacies of high school dating, Trevor’s stories come together to form a hilariously engaging story of a boy trying to live in a damaged world at a bad time, with only his witty sense of humour and the unshakable love of a mother.

So, 3 reasons why Born a Crime will remain in your heart for a very long time.

It is super comical

If you have ever watched ‘The Daily Show’ then you just know how comical Trevor Noah is. You can be sure you will laugh through almost all the pages of this beautiful book. As you peruse through these pages you will be presented with such a funny view of almost everything you read.

It handles very serious life issues

Even to this day, Trevor Noah handles the most serious of issues in a very funny way. From all his projects including stand-up comedy and talk shows, he comically talks about race, discrimination, corruption, disease, and poverty. So, even as you laugh your heart out, he will plough into your conscious the most key things that will cause you to reexamine the trivial, but often overlooked aspects of your life.

It is raw and honest

Being that it is the life story of Trevor Noah as he wades through his life, born and raised in an apartheid environment, he simply says it as it is. The struggles, challenges, victories, and lessons that he learned together with his family are what makes this one of the rawest autobiographies you will ever read.

It immerses you in a new experience

When you start this book, you officially become a South African. There is no doubt about that. Trevor immerses you so much into his world, his experiences, his struggles, and everything he does so much it becomes almost impossible to fail to fit into his shoes. You know people say you get consumed into the author’s imagination when you are reading their book but this is more than that. When you read Born a crime you enter Trevor Noah’s life and live it through his words understanding all that he is going through as though you were right there with him.

If you have never believed in the beauty of autobiographies, then this is a good place to start. It is not only a witty and humorous story, but it is also a book that pulls you into a hopeful story in a messed up world.