Lord Of The Rings

Lord Of The Ring

Book Cover: Lord Of The Rings

The Lord of the Rings is one of the interesting books in literature which is full of fantasy. It was written in 1937 by Tolkien who was a linguistics professor. It is one of the most populous books in the world and it has even won films awards through its populous Series Lord Of The Rings.
This book is a recommendation for people who are a huge fan of fantasies books and fantasy films specifically. You can read the book first before you watch the film so that it becomes enjoyable and the film helps you to actualize the events. There is even a game Lego Lord of the Rings can play and try to imagine how the book is when playing. Once you were paly that game you will always long to read the book. If you are a literature teacher or you want to be one, this is a book that can help you learn a lot of literature and open your mind.
There is so much to enjoy in the book and get lost to the Frodo world of fantasy. Frodo is one of the fictional characters and the protagonist of the book. He inherits One ring from his cousin Bilbo Baggins who adopted him.
Many people like the richness the writer creates in the book which is just stunning. The writer just spent most of the time telling us the historical places Frodo and his friends have visited describing what they encountered. You will like how the Numenorians story fits with the Ring and Frodo story.
You will be drawn to the writers' description of a certain race or places and you will feel part of the setting of the book. The Fellowship of the rings has hobbits which he describes very realistically. It shows how the writer loves hobbit cultures and he seems to like the race of them very much. You will never forget the Hobbiton Party which will stick into your mind very clearly.
If you are a fun of magic and supernatural, This book has a lot of them which I don't matter if they are exaggerated or not. If you have read and experienced the magic in Harry Potters's book this is also the case with this boo. One Latin word can perform magic which you were not expecting. An example is LOTR which produces mysterious magic and many characters use it. It can make large cats which also performs magic and also raise people from the dead.
You can even get your favorite characters in the book who will please you throughout the book. A good example of characters is The ents and Treebeard who are extremely wonderful. This is the best fictional character or race I have never come across. Treebeard character changes to an old fool and a coward who fears his own forest and got lost in it but Pippin and Merry are trying to help him to get to Isengard.
Pippin and Merry give a good image of how friendship should be. They feast and have fun at Isengard. They stick together after the destruction of the ring.
The battle in the film seems well set than the one in the book which happens so fast and we don't get to see many things happening like in the movie. The destruction of the ring also happens so quicly and summarised in a few paragraphs
You may get bores towards the end of the book if you have watched the series as some characters like Argon start to disappear and Hobbits remain the main theme of the book. It does not matter to me because this was just a book about hobbits. Even though there is a huge difference between this book and the movie, you will enjoy both and try to compare them.